Learn, Grow, Excel

Innovation, science, technology, and math are all around us. We depend on it in our everyday lives and we will continue to depend on it well into our future. Yet, without help, many students are unable to understand the complex world of innovation, math, and science that is around them.

At Excel Science, we help build the foundations for any student to succeed in these subjects as well as others. No matter the grade level or the subject, your child will learn, grow, and excel into high scholastic achievement.                       

We tutor all ages

Learn more about our Summer Reading, Math and Science enrichment for  K-4

We specialize in math, reading, and science courses from elementary to college.

We help our students understand how they learn best by helping them identify their learning style.

Unique tutoring strategies designed by college professors in science, math and reading

Through our innovative tutoring methods and support services, we help build confidence in our students and highlight their successes.


  • "Excel science specialist was extremely helpful in incorporating compatible learning styles with each of my children".
  • "The excel science specialist came at a time that both of my daughters were struggling in math. My eldest daughter said they helped her become a better visual learner. My younger daughter had much more difficulty. Our specialist helped her identify her learning style so that she improved in her math tremendously".
  • "After my son's first session he was confident in his Physics class. He participated in class discussions in the first time in months and understood the material given".